The first day of school is a busy time for parents and children alike. You need to find new clothes, get your child's supplies ready, buy school lunches and snacks, get your child's immunizations updated, and do all of that before the first day of school. The key to simplifying back-to-school shopping is to be organized—and make a list!

You should start by buying your child’s clothes in July or August so that it isn't too hard finding their size on the shelves in September. If you have older kids who will be getting out of school soon enough, find out what they want for lunch—or help them make choices instead.

If you are starting school shopping for a younger child, find out what they want from kindergarten on. If you buy their clothes early, as you start kindergarten shopping, your child will wear those clothes through middle school. Always shop in the same store if possible—you'll be able to see what sizes are available and how much they cost. This will help you prepare for the final week of school when all of that seasonal stuff comes out.

If Not:

Don’t stress out about having to get everything on the list for day one. “A lot of teachers will provide a list of supplies specific to their classroom on the first day,” says Margaret Kenny, an English teacher at Polytechnic School, in Pasadena, California. “I schedule two hours to go to Staples that first week of school.”

September 02, 2018 — Wisdom Gbaniyi

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